The Left is determined to shove their so-called “election reforms” down the throats of the American people. After gaining control of Congress, the US House passed House Resolution 1 (HR1) in March of last year.

But their federal takeover of elections has been held up in the U.S. Senate for months, so they have moved to ‘Plan B’—taking over the election process in Arizona.

Earlier this month, a group called the Arizonans for Free and Fair Elections—which is nothing more than a consortium of liberal groups here in Arizona—dropped a ballot initiative that might as well be a leftist wish list of election law changes. But while they’ll tell you that this measure is about “expanding voting rights,” make no mistake. Just like with HR1, this ballot measure is about eliminating all meaningful safeguards in our voting process.

Take a look at the actual ballot language and see for yourself. Some of the provisions in this bill include:

    • Stipulating that anyone who applies for an Arizona driver’s license will be automatically registered to vote.
    • Providing for same-day registration on election day.
    • Making it easier for illegal immigrants to register and vote.
    • Expanding taxpayer funding of political campaigns.
    • Repealing Arizona’s ballot harvesting ban.
    • Expanding and protecting early voting in Arizona.
    • Allowing for people to vote not just out of precinct, but out of county.
    • Implementing campaign finance law changes that violate our free speech rights.
    • Increasing taxes on Arizona business owners. (Because…of course. Raising taxes on businesses will somehow improve our election process.)

Think about what this could mean for the future of our elections. In 2018, over 1,700 individuals in Arizona who had not provided Documented Proof of Citizenship voted in elections for federal office. But in 2020, the number of individuals ballooned to 11,600! A ballot measure like this would potentially make it even easier for illegals to vote and cultivate fraud.

It’s clear that the left is using this Arizona-based version of HR1 to attempt their election takeover at the ballot box. They must be stopped. And that’s why the Club is actively working to pass election integrity reforms at the legislature and is sponsoring the Arizona Voter ID initiative.

HB2492 would safeguard our voter rolls by ensuring that only qualified, U.S. citizens are registered to vote, are able to vote in Presidential elections, and are eligible to vote by mail. (You can sign our petition in support of HB2492 right here.) And HB2237 would prohibit election officials from registering individuals and allowing them to then vote on election day.

On top of that, the Arizonans for Voter ID Act Initiative consists of four key provisions that would:

  1. Improve existing in-person voter ID requirements.
  2. Require voter ID on mail-in ballots.
  3. Prevent ballot harvesting by enhancing voter ID requirements for in-person ballot drop off.
  4. Provide a free voter ID option to lawfully registered Arizona voters who need it for voting.

The people of Arizona are already used to providing basic identification in their daily lives to purchase alcohol or cigarettes, obtain a driver’s license, board a commercial flight, and more.

And this common-sense solution has plenty of support. Statewide polling from last year shows that an overwhelming majority of Arizona voters support voter ID requirements. In fact, every race and ethnicity support it along with the majority of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats.

That’s right. Even the majority of Democrats support voter ID requirements. Maybe someone should tell the Arizonans for Free and Fair Elections. It looks like even their own supporters are inclined to support our ballot measure.

Help Stop Illegals from Voting!

U.S Citizenship is a qualification for voting in both the Arizona constitution and Arizona law. Arizona voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 200 in 2004 to ensure only US Citizens could register to vote by requiring that “the county recorder shall reject any application for registration that is not accompanied by satisfactory evidence of United States citizenship.”

Unfortunately, through the well-funded lawfare of the left, this requirement has been whittled away and the Federal Only Voter list has exploded. HB2492 will safeguard our voter rolls by ensuring only qualified, U.S Citizens are registered to vote, are able vote in Presidential elections, and eligible to vote by mail.

Will you sign our petition to PROTECT our voter registration process and SUPPORT HB2492?