Since 2019, Democrats have been pushing legislation called House Resolution 1 (HR1). And after gaining control of Congress, they passed the 800-page bill (which they probably read cover to cover) in the House this past March.

Cleverly dubbed the “For the People Act,” HR1 is currently being debated in the Senate. And while it claims to do things that sound good on paper—like “expand voting rights”—make no mistake. The only group of people who stand to benefit from this dangerous bill is Democrats.

HR 1 is nothing more than a power grab. And this so-called “election reform” would not only nationalize our elections, but it would significantly undermine the First Amendment.  

A federal takeover of elections

With distrust in the U.S. election system continuing to plague our country, multiple states—including Arizona—have sought to pass reasonable laws that protect our election process.

But if HR1 becomes federal law, it would undo many of the commonsense election integrity laws our state has worked to adopt. That’s because control of our elections would now reside in Washington, D.C. And the federal government would have the power to “micromanage” state election processes.

This means that Arizona’s ban on ballot harvesting would disappear. And our state would be required to allow paid partisan operatives to collect and deliver ballots for voters.

But there’s more.

HR1 would override Arizona’s voter ID requirements for in-person voting, and if passed, the provisions of SB1713 requiring ID on mail-in ballots. It would also undo measures Arizona has in place to ensure only qualified electors are registered to vote by requiring automatic and same-day voter registration. And if you were thrilled (as we were) with the passage of SB1485, which removes inactive voters from the Early Voter List, HR1 would crush that law and instead require all applicants for an early ballot to be sent a mail-in ballot in all future elections.

But the “For the [Democrats] Act” isn’t just about elections. The left wants to use it for something far more sinister.

HR1 would help dismantle the First Amendment

Among the many items within the bill, HR1 would require political groups to disclose donors who give $10,000 or more and create reporting requirements for online political ads. And even though the American Civil Liberties Union shared its concerns about this, Democrats don’t care.  

They want to target conservatives. They want to dox them. And they want to harass anyone who doesn’t believe what they want them to believe or say what they want them to say. Just ask Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla and inventor of Javascript, what happens when you donate to a cause the left doesn’t like. Brendan was canceled before “cancel culture” was a thing. But now, Google, Facebook, and Twitter have embraced their role as speech police. And they’re willing to ban anyone, including the sitting President of the United States.

Stand Against HR1 Today!

Thankfully, you can stand against HR1 today. Please contact Arizona Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly right now and tell them to vote NO on HR1. We do not need a federal takeover of our elections. HR1 would undo all the good election reform bills that have been passed in Arizona and signed by Governor Ducey. And it would put good people at risk of being doxed and harassed. We can’t let that happen.

Send a message instantly to Senators Sinema and Kelly using the button below. And tell them to vote NO on HR 1. (The process is simple and secure. And it will only take a minute of your time.)