If you care about the future of liberty, the Arizona Free Enterprise Club offers you a unique opportunity to create a lasting legacy of promoting economic freedom and prosperity.

Since 2005, the Arizona Free Enterprise Club has been the leading voice for advancing a pro-growth, limited government agenda in Arizona.

Ceate a lasting legacy of promoting economic freedom and prosperity.

Voice For Freedom

Through active lobbying, litigation, and our extensive grassroots network, the Club has achieved numerous policy victories, including historic income tax cuts, enhanced election security, expanded school choice, and protection of property rights, medical freedoms, and free speech.

By including the Arizona Free Enterprise Club in your estate plans, you ensure that our cherished principles will continue to thrive for generations. Your legacy gift guarantees that the Arizona Free Enterprise Club will continue fighting for economic freedom and prosperity in Arizona.

Bequest Gifts by Will or Living Trust

You can make a bequest gift by adding Arizona Free Enterprise Club to your will or living trust.  This allows you to select a specific amount of money, a percentage of an estate, or a particular asset.


“I give and bequeath [specific amount or percentage] to the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, an organization located at P.O. Box 32935 Phoenix, AZ 85064 under Federal tax identification number 20-2423383, for its general use and purposes.”

This bequest language can easily be added to an existing will with minimal expense. 

Life Insurance Beneficiaries

You can name Arizona Free Enterprise Club as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy (either in full or in part).

We recommend discussing your legacy plans with an estate planning attorney.

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club is honored to discuss your intentions and explore how we can partner together to keep Arizona free.

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PO Box 32935
Phx, AZ | 85064