Three More Candidates Endorsed by the Club

Today the Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC has endorsed 3 more candidates for the 2014 primaries: Darin Mitchell, Steve Montenegro and Justin Olson. All three candidates have developed a proven conservative track record and have been free market champions in the House. Montenegro and Mitchell are running as a team in LD 13 while Olson is running in LD 25.

“We are fortunate to have three limited government fiscal hawks protecting taxpayers at the legislature” Executive Director Scot Mussi said. “Their opposition to crony capitalism and corporate welfare at the legislature is a breath of fresh air for supporters of economic freedom.

Club Endorses Jeff Dewit for State Treasurer

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC today announced the endorsement of Jeff Dewit for State Treasurer. The conservative Dewit is in a tough 3-way Republican primary for the office against two other establishment candidates.

Jeff Dewit’s strong business background and conservative free market principles is what earned him the endorsement from the Club. “Jeff is the type of pro-growth, limited government candidate we need in the Treasurers office,” PAC spokesman Scot Mussi said.

Being a first time candidate, Jeff won’t be the establishments favorite choice, but his impressive experience in the financial sector makes him the most qualified for the position. “Simply put, there is only one person with the credentials and expertise to be Arizona’s next treasurer, and that is Jeff Dewit.” 

Club Endorses Shawnna Bolick and Jill Norgaard for House

Today the Arizona Free Enterprise Club announced our first legislative endorsements for the 2014 election: Shawnna Bolick and Jill Norgaard for the House of Representatives. Both candidates are conservative outsiders facing a crowded primary election in August.

“Shawnna Bolick is the type of free market advocate we need at the State Legislature,” Executive Director Scot Mussi said.  “Her limited government principles and willingness to take on the establishment will make her a valuable addition at the House of Representatives.”

“Jill Norgaard is going to provide District 18 voters with an opportunity to support a real conservative in the election,” Scot Mussi added.  “She is a fighter that will defend liberty and economic freedom at the legislature.” 

Club Endorses Vince Leach and Anthony Kern for House

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC today announced the endorsement of Vince Leach and Anthony Kern for the House of Representatives.  Both are first time candidates for the legislature who are strong advocates for limited government and economic freedom.

Vince Leach is a candidate in LD 11, which covers most of Western Pinal County. Leach has been campaigning on a pro-growth economic agenda and ending the practice of picking winners and losers at the legislature. For conservatives, Leach is the obvious choice in the primary.

Anthony Kern is a conservative from LD 20 currently in a tough primary with 4 other candidates. A resident from Glendale, Kern has seen first-hand how fiscal mismanagement and reckless spending by the City Council hurts taxpayers and diminishes economic growth. “Anthony Kern has fought reckless spending in Glendale, and now he wants to take on the spending lobby at the legislature.” Executive Director Scot Mussi said.  “Kern, along with Leach, will be welcome additions to the House of Representatives.”

Ken Bennett is the Free Enterprise Crony of the Month

Today the Arizona Free Enterprise Club is announcing a new feature to highlight the growing number of sweetheart deals and special favors that have become commonplace throughout Arizona’s political system: The Crony of the Month.  The Crony of the Month will be awarded to elected officials and political figures that use their position of power and close relationships to benefit insiders and special interests at the expense of taxpayers and the free market.

The first recipient of the Club’s Crony of Month goes to Secretary of State and Gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett. Bennett secured the award for his request to star in ‘voter education’ television advertisements about the upcoming election, which will be paid for/subsidized by Arizona taxpayers.  “One of the worst forms of cronyism is when politicians use their position of power and taxpayer money to benefit their re-election efforts, which is what Ken Bennett is attempting to do.” Executive Director Scot Mussi said. “There is no reason for Bennett to appear in these ads right before an election, except that it improves his political fortune.”

Ken Bennett isn’t the first politician to use taxpayer funded ‘voter education’ ads to boost their public image, but this instance is more questionable and unique given the timing of the ads and the fact that Bennett is running as a clean elections candidate. “Not only is Bennett funding his entire campaign with taxpayer money, but he also wants to leverage his position to get access to special benefits that no other gubernatorial candidate in the race has,” Mussi continued. “Simply put, taxpayers should not be funding political campaigns for candidates or ideas they don’t support. If Ken Bennett believes it is that important for him to appear in these ads, he should pay for it himself.”

Taxpayers will know soon enough if Bennett follows through on his desire to appear in these subsidized campaign ads, but for now we will have to settle for him being the Club’s Crony of the Month.