PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Today, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs delivered her State of the State Address to the Second Regular Session of the 56th Legislature. Scot Mussi, president of the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, issued the following comments in reaction to the speech from the second-year governor:

“Governor Hobbs’ second State of the State was much like her first: a telegraphed playbook to transform Arizona into a clone of California. From her desires to grow the size of state government, to support the continuation of an agency with a multi-million dollar slush fund picking winners and losers, and to persist in lying about Arizona’s historic school choice opportunities, Hobbs would reverse many of the policies and reforms that have positioned our state as the envy of much of the nation.

“Thankfully, for Arizonans, we have a majority in the House and Senate that are committed to preventing Hobbs from implementing those failed ideas. The Arizona Free Enterprise Club and conservative lawmakers will be on offense this legislative session, right-sizing government spending, putting good policy on the ballot in 2024 that Hobbs can’t veto, and holding bureaucratic agencies accountable.”

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