Perhaps no issue has taken our nation by storm during the past year quite like Critical Race Theory (CRT). This cleverly disguised Marxist indoctrination uses words that sound harmless enough like “diversity,” “equity,” and “inclusion.” But floods of parents caught on early last year. And many made it their mission to stop CRT’s invasion of school districts across the nation.

Some people even believe it may have been the central issue that swung Virgina’s gubernatorial election to Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. But right here in Arizona, the battle is not over.

As you may recall, Arizona lawmakers and Governor Ducey took important steps to prevent children from being indoctrinated in public schools by CRT through a budget reconciliation bill this past July. But in November, the Arizona Supreme Court struck down that ban, ruling that it was integrated in a bill that was a violation of the single subject requirement of the state constitution.

With the Arizona legislature back in session for the past two months, Republicans have made CRT a top priority. Earlier this month, the House already took an important step forward by approving a bill that would ban it from K-12 curriculum.

And now, the House has also passed House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 2001, which would put a ban on teaching Critical Race Theory in Arizona’s K-12 schools on the ballot.

HCR2001 is currently awaiting action in the Senate, and not surprisingly the Democrats are irate. But what do you expect?

The more CRT has been exposed, the more the left has lied about its true nature and their ultimate agenda. They’ve tried to say it’s not taught in schools. Or that’s it’s not Marxist. Or that Republicans are just using it to get support.

But then, why did over 200 Arizonans who identify themselves as educators recently pledge to teach CRT and all other social justice-oriented curriculum to children, regardless of the law or the wishes of parents?

If it’s not taught in schools, then these so-called educators would have never made such a statement.

The fact is that slavery, legal racial discrimination, and racism are inconsistent with the founding principles of the United States. That’s why our nation fought a civil war to eliminate the first, waged political campaigns to get rid of the second, and has made the third unacceptable in the court of public opinion.

But by allowing an ideology like Critical Race Theory, our schools are in direct violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Arizona Constitution.

That’s why the Club thinks it’s a great idea to put this issue in front of voters. The people of Arizona would finally have a chance to make their voices definitively heard. And there’s no doubt it would show that Arizonans believe that CRT does not belong in our state—or anywhere near our students.

Our nation was founded on the principle of the inherent and equal dignity of every person as an individual. But the Democrats don’t believe that. And that’s probably why a ban on CRT makes them so nervous.

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