They said that it didn’t happen, it couldn’t happen, and that anyone who even dared to mention fraud in reference to the past election was a “conspiracy theorist” propagating “The Big Lie.” They began asserting and endlessly repeating that this was the “safest and most secure” election in U.S. history, ironically implying that past elections were actually not safe and secure? And they produced no objective measure as to why the claim is valid and not simply rhetoric regurgitated to stifle free discussion and common-sense reforms.

What’s the saying? The difference between conspiracy theory and truth is about 6-12 months? Just as the “conspiracy theory” about the origins of COVID, which was censored by Big Tech and suppressed by the corporate media, has now become accepted as likely true, a Grand Jury just indicted an Arizona voter of voter fraud.

It happened like this—a Scottsdale woman cast not just her own ballot by mail but also forged her mother’s signature on an early ballot affidavit just days after she had passed away. Her mother had passed on October 5th, but ballots in Maricopa County weren’t even mailed to voters until October 7th.

And how was this caught? Were there any inherent safeguards in the system to prevent this or to find it once it occurred? No. It took a group of private citizens who looked through voter rolls and submitted to the Attorney General’s office a list of approximately 450 names the group alleged were likely deceased but cast a ballot.

After review, the Attorney General’s office said the list contained names of some individuals who were still alive, some who were deceased but passed away after voting, some who were deceased and did not vote (but still received a ballot by mail), and, of course, this individual. A ballot cast, and a ballot counted, from someone who died before their ballot was even sent.

An illegal vote cast and counted deprives all legal voters of their full voting rights. It gives one voter twice the voice of another. One person, one vote—that’s the foundation of a democracy. And, unfortunately, once a ballot by mail is accepted into the system it cannot be uncast or uncounted. It remains, and forever will remain, in the official tally.

With voting by mail, once an election official subjectively determines (within seconds) that a signature on a ballot affidavit matches what is on the voter file, the ballot is removed and separated from the envelope. Forever. There is nothing to connect the ballot to the envelope, and that ballot is baked into the system.

This is why upfront security measures are necessary. It’s why, despite misinformation from Democrats, the media, and woke corporations labeling them as “Jim Crow 2.0,” conservatives pushed so hard this session for a host of election integrity bills. It’s why conservatives passed HB 2054 to ensure deceased individuals are regularly removed from voter rolls. It’s why conservatives passed SB 1485 to ensure the Active Early Voter List is regularly maintained to be clean and current. It’s why they tried to pass SB 1713 to require real voter identification on mail-in ballots, among many other reforms.

While this is just one case that has been proven, it came from a list of only 450 voters, and it came from the work of private individuals—not government or any integrated safeguard. And with this indictment comes also an admission from the Attorney General’s office that some of these individuals are deceased and still received a ballot by mail. How many other undiscovered cases exist?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. We have evidence from a sitting Congressman whose mother passed away 10 years ago but her ballot was still mailed in 2020. And nearly every voter has anecdotal evidence of either themselves or someone they know who moved into a new house and received ballots from the previous owners or tenants. It happens, and everyone knows it. At best, most individuals are law-abiding citizens and simply discard the ballot. But it still presents opportunity for fraud.

That’s why these common-sense reforms are crucial. And it’s why future reforms, especially a continued push for universal voter ID requirements, are necessary.

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