Democrats are hoping to convince voters that a slate of candidates running in swing legislative districts in Arizona are harmless pragmatic “moderates” to gain legislative majorities in the state house and senate.

Despite parroting middle of the road messaging, these radical progressives in fact hold the same ideological beliefs as the activists sweeping Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles, who have left burned, looted and destroyed cities in their wake.  If these candidates are elected, Arizonans should prepare themselves for a sharp left turn down a road to defund the police, sanctuary cities, California-style energy mandates and Bernie Sanders tax everything policies.

Legislative District 17 – Jennifer Pawlik Backs the Bernie Sanders Plan of Massive Tax Hikes, Radical Gun Control and the Green New Deal

Despite being from a legislative district in the East Valley with a 10-point Republican advantage and a more moderate flavor, Democrat Jennifer Pawlik has worked to convince voters in LD17 that she is a middle-of-the-road Democrat. 

Her support for sky high tax rates and extreme gun control laws is evidence to the contrary.  In just her first term, Pawlik supported over $5.7Billion in tax hikes, backing plans to increase income taxes, online sales taxes, property taxes and taxes on small businesses! She even opposed efforts to repeal the $32 vehicle registration fee. Pawlik hasn’t said no to a single tax increase since being elected to the legislature.

These aren’t the only issues Pawlik wishes to legislate from the far left.  In line with the Bernie Sanders Agenda, Pawlik supported banning the sale of firearms by individuals, implementing a shutdown of our economy  to reduce carbon emissions, banning natural gas and prohibiting the use of plastic bags.

Legislative District 20 – Judy Schweibert pals around with anti-border patrol and defund the police groups

Legislative District 20 located in Glendale and Peoria is considered “in-play” for 2020 and is being heavily targeted by Democrats.  Though Schweibert emphasizes “listening and working together” on her campaign site, her true alliances are with radical organizations such as LUCHA and out-of-state-interest groups such as Sister District that are actively pushing their radical progressive agendas in Arizona.

At the legislature, birds of a feather truly do flock together and voters can tell a lot by the organizations candidates rely upon for policy advice.  Schweibert has not been shy in claiming LUCHA as her friend.  Voters should be aware this radical group supports dangerous proposals such as abolishing ICE and defunding the police.  And far from the moderate grassroots support in LD20, Schweibert is a Manchurian Candidate for the Sister District Project, a San Francisco-based political group that aims to “turn states blue” by taking out-of-state volunteers “from deep blue districts” and sending them into “carefully targeted races in swing district” in other states.   Arizona’s legislative district 20 is their target.

Legislative District 4 – Geraldine Peten supports sky-high utility bills

Geraldine Peten is the current representative for LD 4, located in southwestern Arizona in predominately Yuma and Pima Counties. Peten has a reputation for making false and radical claims at the legislature, including the idea that charter schools are racist attempts to segregate children, that Arizona should pass a $40Billion budget (a 300% increase in spending), and make discrimination against certain hair styles illegal

Peten was also an outspoken proponent of Prop 127, a measure soundly defeated by nearly 70% of voters in the State that would have increased citizens’ utility bills by $1,000 a year!  Not only was this radical measure being pushed by out of state special interests costly to ratepayers, Peten argued it did not go far enough (22:12)!  If Peten had it her way, Arizonans would adopt California-energy mandates that have caused “rotating” blackouts and sky-high energy prices. 

Legislative District 6 – Coral Evans supports sanctuary cities

Coral Evans lives in Coconino County in a district which encompasses areas as diverse as Flagstaff and Yavapai, Navajo and Gila Counties.  Evans is a member of the Flagstaff city council where she has actively supported the city using taxpayer-funded lobbyists to advocate for hiking the state gas tax.

In addition to her high-tax agenda, Evans doesn’t believe walls should exist between countries and even compares citizens who do to slave owners.  If Evans were elected, she would opt for Arizona to be a “sanctuary state” (1:04) free of the enforcement of federal immigration laws.  Even in progressive Tucson, the idea of sanctuary cities was way too radical for most voters.

Arizonans beware of false advertising!  These so-called “moderate” Democrats are anything but.  If their deception is successful, voters in the Grand Canyon State are sure to have a lot of buyer’s remorse.