Arizona’s primary election took a strange twist this week when campaign finance reports revealed an obscure out-of-state group had dumped nearly $300,000 into Republican primary races throughout the state.

The mysterious group, Unite America, is spending big money to elect a slate of liberal Republicans facing tough primary opposition from conservative challengers. Their targets include supporting Heather Carter in LD 15, Michelle Udall in LD 25 and Joanne Osborne in LD 13. Most of their spending has been used to attack their conservative opponents, attempting to paint them as either unethical or closet liberals.

Who is Unite America? Until a couple of years ago, they were a boutique organization based out of Denver, Colorado that advocated for liberal niche issues such as independent redistricting, in-home universal voting and ranked choice voting.

That all changed last year when New York billionaire Kathryn Murdoch, daughter-in-law to Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch, became their co-chair and primary funder. The liberal Murdoch has been active with both the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Climate Initiative and donated nearly $90,000 to the Hillary victory fund in 2016.  She is an outspoken Never-Trumper who supports giveaways to illegal immigrants, radical green new deal policies and Mike Bloomberg’s gun control agenda.

After she started bankrolling Unite America, Kathryn Murdoch has used the group to target conservatives in heavily republican districts around the country in an effort to replace them with moderate/liberal politicians who will back her agenda and vote with Democrats.  She has pledged $100 Million to these efforts, and now Arizona is in her crosshairs.

Based on the attacks levied so far, it is pretty obvious they will say or do anything to succeed in their quest, even if it means exposing themselves as unprincipled. For instance, in Legislative District 15 Unite America is distributing attack ads claiming that conservative Nancy Barto is a Hillary Clinton supporter that wanted her to be president. That’s right, the same New York Billionaire that worked for the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Climate Initiative and supported Hillary for president is now funding anti-Hillary hit pieces against conservatives in a Republican Primary. It doesn’t get much swampier than that.

So, to all Arizona Primary voters in LD 13, LD 15 and LD 25—just say no to liberal New York Billionaires looking to buy elections in our state. These Never-Trumpers would not have parachuted into Arizona throwing money around if they did not believe their preferred candidates would deliver for them on open borders, gun control and the green new deal. Make sure to back the true conservatives in these races:

  • Steve Montenegro and Tim Dunn in LD 13
  • Nancy Barto in LD 15
  • Kathy Pearce and Rusty Bowers in LD 25

Vote for these candidates and tell these out of state liberal billionaires to take a hike.