Today the Free Enterprise Club released our Judicial Retention recommendations for the 2018 ballot. Under Arizona’s merit selection system, judges periodically appear on the ballot for voters to determine if they should be retained. A ‘YES’ vote retains the judge, a ‘NO’ vote removes the judge from the bench. All of the judges that the Club recommends for retention have met Judicial Performance standards to remain on the bench.

Arizona Supreme Court

Justice Clint Bolick—YES

Justice John Pelander—YES

Arizona Court of Appeals

Peter Swann—NO

Peter Eckerstrom—NO

Philip Espinosa—YES

Christopher Staring—YES

Maricopa Superior Court

Bradley Astrowsky—YES

Alison Bachus—YES

Cynthia Bailey—YES

Janet Barton—NO

Mark Brain—NO

Gregory Como—YES

David Cunanan—NO

Sally Duncan—NO

George Foster—NO

Warren Granville—NO

Jennifer Green—YES

Michael Herrod—YES

Samuel Myers—NO

Erin Otis—YES

Susanna Pineda—YES

Laura Reckart—YES

Howard Sukenic—YES

Danielle Viola—YES

Joseph Welty—NO