Currently, politicians can receive taxpayer funding for their political campaigns through a program operated at the Clean Elections Commission.

Last election cycle it was discovered that politicians financing their campaigns with public funding quietly channeling those funds to political parties instead of spending the money on their campaigns.  In 2016, over $100,000 was funneled to the state Democrat Party by candidates throughout the state!

Instead of fixing the problem, the Clean Elections Commission (CCEC) passed a rule codifying the abuse! Even worse, they expanded the rule to allow publicly financed candidates to give their money away to political special interest groups like labor unions, the NRA or the Sierra Club.

If Prop 306 is approved, it would:

  • Prohibit candidates that finance their campaign with taxpayer money from giving any of those funds to political parties
  • Prohibit taxpayer money going to political special interest groups that attempt to influence elections
  • Increase transparency and accountability by requiring the Clean Elections Commission to follow the same rulemaking process as every other state agency

Since the CCEC has embraced the idea of public funding for political parties and special interest groups, we urge voters to vote YES on Prop 306

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