Free Enterprise Club Announces Top Legislative Performers of 2017

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club today released highlights from our 2017 Legislative Scorecard, featuring the top performers of the 2017 Legislative Session.  In preparing the scorecard, the Club conducted a thorough review of all legislative action and key votes taken by lawmakers this session.

Overall there were 9 House Members and 7 Senators that scored an A+ on the Club’s report card for having a perfect voting record. Legislators that received a perfect score on the Club’s 2017 report card included:

House of Representatives

  • Eddie Farnsworth (District 12)
  • Mark Finchem (District 11)
  • Travis Grantham (District 12)
  • Anthony Kern (District 20)
  • Javan Mesnard (District 17)
  • Paul Mosley (District 5)
  • Jill Norgaard (District 18)
  • Kevin Payne (District 21)
  • Maria Syms (District 28)

State Senate

  • Sylvia Allen (District 6)
  • Judy Burges (District 22)
  • Gail Griffin (District 14)
  • Debbie Lesko (District 21)
  • Steve Montenegro (District 13)
  • Warren Petersen (District 12)
  • Steve Smith (District 11)

“Taxpayers are fortunate that Arizona has a great group of lawmakers dedicated to pro-growth, free market principles,” Club President Scot Mussi said. “These individuals deserve special distinction as it is not easy taking on the countless special interests and big spenders that dominate the political scene at the Capitol.”

To view the Club’s House Scorecard, Click Here.

To view the Club’s Senate Scorecard, Click Here.


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