Legislators Say ‘No’ to Refundable Tax Credits

THANK YOU to the legislators who voted on the floor today to oppose HB2492 – a bill that would allow a few large corporations to make their R&D tax credits refundable.

No confusion here, refundable tax credits are direct subsidies to corporations without the complications (transparency) of the appropriations process.   The heroes of the tax payers today were:

Rep. Lela Alston (District 24)
Rep. Richard Andrade (District 29)
Rep. Wenona Benally (District 7)
Rep. Isela Blanc (District 26)
Rep. Rusty Bowers (District 25)
Rep. Kelli Butler (District 28)
Rep. Cesar Chavez (District 29)
Rep. Ken Clark (District 24)
Rep. Eric Descheenie (District 7)
Rep. Kirsten Engel (District 10)
Rep. Eddie Farnsworth (District 12)
Rep. Charlene Fernandez (District 4)
Rep. Mark Finchem (District 11)
Rep. Sally Ann Gonzales (District 3)
Rep. Anthony Kern (District 20)
Rep. Jay Lawrence (District 23)
Rep. Vince Leach (District 11)
Rep. Phil Lovas (District 22)
Rep. Ray Martinez (District 30)
Rep. Darin Mitchell (District 13)
Rep. Paul Mosley (District 5)
Rep. Jill Norgaard (District 18)
Rep. Becky Nutt (District 14)
Rep. Kevin Payne (District 21)
Rep. Pamela Powers Hannely (District 9)
Rep. Rebecca Rios (District 27)
Rep. Jesus Rubalcava (District 4)
Rep. Macario Saldate (District 3)
Rep. Athena Salman (District 26)
Rep. David Stringer (District 1)
Rep. Maria Syms (District 28)
Rep. Bob Thorpe (District 6)
Rep. Kelly Townsend (District 16)
Rep. Michelle Ugenti-Rita (District 23)
Rep. JD Mesnard (District 17)