Voters be warned: Establishment insiders are already fighting to save Obamacare.

The election is a week old, and reports are already surfacing of backroom meetings by Republicans to convince the Trump administration to scrap repeal and only make cosmetic changes to the law.

One of the ringleaders of this effort is former Governor Jan Brewer, who was key in implementing key provisions of Obamacare in Arizona. Under Brewer, Arizona became one of 32 states to support the vast expansion of Medicaid, funded through federal dollars and a massive and potentially unconstitutional bed tax. Adding insult to the process, the entire package was rammed through in the middle of night under complete suspension of House and Senate rules.

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Even more troubling, Brewer is telling Trump to look to Arizona (a State he highlighted as the poster-child of Obamacare failure) as the “gold standard” for Obamacare/Medicaid reform to be followed across the country.nd expect that he will deliver on his campaign promise to repeal Obamacare.  Yet people are already lining up to convince the President-Elect to crumble on his commitment to voters.

The reality is just the opposite. Arizona’s Medicaid expansion is not a model for the rest of the country – but is the most inefficient and costly mode of delivering healthcare services possible.  Not only has the costs of new ACA enrollees far exceeded the initial predictions, but a study conducted at MIT found every $1 the federal government spends on Medicaid, recipients receive only $0.2 – 0.4 of benefits.

Other Republican leaders in the state should be warned: any position other than a strong and swift call for Obamacare repeal will elicit a colossal backlash from voters.  It is without question that Republican success at the ballot box was a direct and enraged reaction to the healthcare disaster.  And voters have held Democrats accountable.  So, what is left to defend now for Republicans??   Arizona has seen 116% increases in their insurance premiums, providers dwindle down to 1-2, and the quality of their plans completely fail them.

The argument is over.  Obamacare is broken.  Medicaid is broken.  If our elected officials and insiders choose to stand in front of the repeal train in an attempt to save Obamacare, they deserve to be run over by it.