Add Peoria to the list of local governments asking their residents for a massive tax increase in November. Next month, voters will get to decide whether to approve a multi-million dollar sales tax increase to fund a compilation of questionable infrastructure projects. Even more curious, virtually all of the proposed new projects in the spending plan are slated to benefit one council district in the city, clearly an unfair distribution of the revenue from the tax.

Fighting City Hall is always an uphill climb, but thankfully Senator Debbie Lesko and representative Tony Rivero (District 21) have stepped up to lead the charge against Prop 400.

Dubbing the proposal the “Forever Tax” because it lacks a sunset, Arizona State Senator Debbie Lesko and Arizona State Representative Tony Rivero formed “No Forever Tax, No on Proposition 400.”

Other key facts of Prop 400 include:

*Proposition 400 is a PERMANENT tax increase. There is no sunset or expiration of the tax.

*Public safety will receive less than 5% of the tax increase, and no money is slated for road or street improvements.

*The tax is estimated to cost the average homeowner approximately $250 per year.

*The vast majority of the tax increase is slated for one council district in the northern part of the city.

*This sales tax is in addition to at least two other tax increases in Peoria on the November 8th ballot. Who knows how high taxes will go if all of the proposals are approved.

Since this measure will appear toward the end of the ballot, we urge every hardworking taxpayer in Peoria to not forget to fill out their entire ballot and vote NO on Prop 400.