vote-no-small Earlier this year, the Club lamented the effort by out-of-state special interest groups to force a slate of anti-business initiatives onto the Arizona ballot.  While 2 of the efforts failed to qualify, arguably the most damaging proposal of the slate will be on the November ballot: Prop 206. If approved by voters, Prop 206 would increase the minimum wage to $12/hour (indexed to inflation, so it will go higher) and mandate that all businesses, no matter the size, provide paid leave for employees.

 Arizona Voters should reject Prop 206.  Legislating employment law from the ballot box is a dangerous idea.  Sweeping measures such as this one force all businesses into a one-size-fits-all and disproportionately harm small businesses and entry level workers.  The economic damage this will cause to the state by suppressing growth is inevitable.

 However, the real kicker is tucked deep into the ballot language, with the hopes that AZ voters won’t be savvy enough to realize it.  The Big-Union Bosses backing the initiative have exempted themselves out!  Such hypocrisy reveals these sinister groups from California are simply making a play to unionize as many workers in Arizona as possible.  More union workers mean more union dues; more unions’ dues mean fatter paychecks for Union Bosses.

 We hope Arizonans see through this ruse in November and vote “NO” to keep California interests from ruining Arizona prosperity.