Phoenix, AZ – The Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC today has released a second slate of legislative candidate endorsements for the general election.

The candidates who received endorsements share the key beliefs in free market economics, tax reform, school choice, regulatory reform, and fair and equitable tax policy.

Endorsed candidates include:

  • Frank Schmuck, District 18, Senate
  • Ana Henderson, District 9, House

 “The Club is honored to endorse this slate of candidates for the Arizona Legislature.  Both Mr. Schmuck and Ms. Henderson are passionate about fighting for Arizona taxpayers and we are confident they will be principled in their votes on the important issues facing the state.” Free Enterprise Club President Scot Mussi said.

Mussi continued, “We are excited to see newcomer Frank Schmuck on the scene and believe he will bring a fresh enthusiasm and energy to the Senate.  Mr. Schmuck is a Persian Gulf War Veteran and brings his combat instincts to campaigning.  He is serious about taking a hard look at the Arizona income tax and is dedicated to the kinds of reforms that will make for a prosperous Arizona in the future.

Ana Henderson is a tireless worker from Tucson.  Ms. Henderson cares deeply about the educational and employment opportunities in her district and will be a fantastic advocate for her constituents.”

For additional information on the Club PAC’s candidate endorsements, contact Scot Mussi at or at 602-508-6088.

To see prior 2016 endorsements: Slate one, Slate two. General Election endorsement: Slate one.