vote buttons image Phoenix, AZ – The Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC today has released their first slate of candidate endorsements for Arizona legislative races.

 After a series of interviews of candidates running for Arizona State House and Senate, The Club PAC has identified several strategic districts in which they will be involved.  The candidates who received endorsements share the key beliefs in free market economics, tax reform, school choice, regulatory reform, and fair and equitable tax policy.

Endorsed candidates include:

 “We are proud to endorse these individuals for the Arizona Legislature.  We are confident that they will fight hard for Arizona taxpayers.” Free Enterprise Club President Scot Mussi said.

Mussi continued, “We are fortunate to have incumbents Warren Petersen and Eddie Farnsworth seek another term.  Both Petersen and Farnworth have been outstanding advocates for fiscal conservatism and budgetary discipline.  They are respected by their colleagues and both have served as Chairs of important legislative committees.

David Stringer, Paul Mosley, and Travis Grantham will all make strong additions to the legislature as freshmen lawmakers.  Mr. Stringer has already proven successful in his district defeating unnecessary school bonds and overrides.  Mr. Mosley is passionate about education and ensuring parents have the ultimate choice in regards to their children.  And Travis Grantham has extensive business experience and understands the importance of reforming our tax system.”

For additional information on the Club PAC’s candidate endorsements, contact Scot Mussi at or at 602-508-6088.