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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Thursday, June 9th, 2016

CONTACT:  Scot Mussi: (602) 508-6088


Poll Shows Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose Taxpayer Money for Politicians, Proposed ‘Clean Elections’ Initiative 


Phoenix, AZ—The Arizona Free Enterprise Club today released the results of our latest poll showing that a vast majority of voters strongly oppose taxpayer money for politicians and the proposed ‘Clean Elections’ initiative.

The Club’s in depth poll, conducted by the Tarrance Group, shows that 70% of voters are against using taxpayer money to fund candidates running for political office, only 25% are in favor.

Additionally, when voters know that the proposed ‘Clean Elections’ initiative requires taxpayer funding of political campaigns, only 30% of voters support the measure, while 60% are opposed.

“Voters clearly do not think it is a good idea use taxpayer money to fund candidates for political office,” Club President Scot Mussi said. “Giving taxpayer money to politicians so that people can deal with more robocalls and junk mail is a definite loser with voters.”

The results also show that a large majority of voters find it hypocritical that supporters of the initiative are advocating for new campaign finance reporting requirements that they themselves refuse to follow.

72% of respondents stated that they would be less likely to support the ‘Clean Elections’ initiative knowing that the organizations funding the measure and supporting new donor disclosure requirements refuse to disclose their own donors. To date, the three organizations financially supporting the initiative have not disclosed any of their donors for the effort, in direct violation of the act.

The live telephone poll of 500 respondents was conducted June 4th through the 6th and has a 4.5% margin of error.



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