The Arizona Free Enterprise Club (Club) today strongly endorsed the budget deal reached by Governor Doug Ducey, House Speaker David Gowan and Senate President Andy Biggs as a bold step forward towards putting Arizona’s fiscal house in order.

“A lot of politicians talk about a balanced budget, but few demonstrate the leadership and courage needed to actually achieve it,” said Club President Scot Mussi.  “The plan the Governor and leaders of the House and Senate introduced today not only shows that they take fiscal responsibility seriously, but that they can protect taxpayers and classroom spending while doing it.”

The budget deal, if passed, will eliminate the structural deficit by 2017, our first balanced budget in over a decade.  The budget also prioritizes dollars to the classroom by increasing funding for K-12 and adding $135 million in new funding towards classrooms.  The plan also provides critical tax relief to small businesses and middle class taxpayers by indexing our tax brackets to inflation and eliminating the job training tax.

“Arizona cannot truly prosper and attract new businesses and jobs until it can show that it is committed to fiscal responsibility, dollars to the classroom, and protecting the taxpayer,” said Mussi.  “This budget achieves precisely that, and will make Arizona a national model for government reform and accountability.”