On Friday, Governor Doug Ducey released his budget plan that sends more money to the classroom, protects taxpayers and puts Arizona on the path to economic prosperity.

Specifically, Gov. Ducey’s budget implements a hiring freeze, consolidates agencies that often have overlapping roles, cuts bureaucracy across the board and ends the inflation tax that effects thousands of hardworking taxpayers every year.  Just as importantly, it increases dollars to the classroom – while only cutting school administration expenses – so Arizona students receive the best education possible.

“For years, Arizona’s budget has been beset by accounting gimmicks and special interest loopholes that only added to our debt and has led to one budget crisis after another,” said AZ Free Enterprise Club President Scot Mussi.  “Gov. Ducey showed genuine leadership by boldly proposing to immediately close the current budget deficit and produce a structurally balanced budget by FY 2017.”

Governor Ducey’s budget does more than just eliminate wasteful spending.  It provides innovative reforms that will make government run more efficiently and effectively, while protecting vital services.

“By offering a true balanced budget and making sure more dollars reach the classroom, Gov. Ducey is leading the way towards making Arizona a model for economic growth and job creation,” said Mussi.  “We can only hope the Legislature shows the same courage and leadership by passing this budget.”