September 23–The Arizona Free Enterprise Club (Club) today filed a public records complaint in Superior Court against the Secretary of State (SOS) to end their stonewalling tactics and require that they turn over records to shed light on why they are targeting the Club.

The original public records request was requested last month to determine whether or not the targeting of the Club by the SOS was politically motivated, if their “findings” against the Club had been pre-determined, and if the office had any role in the leaking of their so-called findings to the media.

Based on recent conversations with officers within the Secretary of State’s office, there is strong reason to believe the stonewalling is intentional, not only to keep these records in the dark, but also to deny the Club the ability to respond in a timely matter to the frivolous complaint filed with the Attorney General.

“I find it ironic that the Secretary of State, who demanded that we turn over volumes of documents in just a few days, despite not having the authority to do so, is now stonewalling on our request,” said Mussi.  “There are legal remedies against state government for refusing to turn over public documents, and we intend to pursue them to the fullest until the truth is uncovered.”

To view the complaint filed in Superior Court, click here.