The Arizona Free Enterprise Club strongly urges voters in Maricopa County to reject a proposed $935 million hospital bond (over a $1 billion with interest) this November that would raise property taxes and reduce the quantity and quality of health care choices for valley residents.

Proposition 480 asks voters to give the Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) a $1 billion general-obligation bond to pay for a dramatically expanded public hospital system with little accountability or transparency on how the money is spent.  This billion dollar blank check for MIHS will likely lead to financial mismanagement and cost overruns that will leave taxpayers on the hook.

Additionally, Prop 480 would represent a dramatic increase in government-run healthcare at a time when our state, and our nation, is still trying to cope with the uncertainty and spiraling costs of Obamacare. By expanding the county hospital system, privately-run hospitals and facilities are further crowded out – forcing people into government systems with fewer choices and longer wait times.  The costs of sustaining and expanding government healthcare continue to explode, with no end in sight.

Taxpayers would be wise to avoid giving MIHS a billion dollar blank check that will increase taxes and adversely effect our health care system. Join us in opposing Prop 480.