The Arizona Free Enterprise Club today announced the endorsement of five candidates for the Arizona State Legislature.  The candidates endorsed are Steve Smith, Mark Finchem, Paul Boyer, Dave Farnsworth and Rusty Bowers.  All five candidates are pro-growth political outsiders currently engaged in contested primaries.

“These are the type of free market candidates we need at the State Legislature,” Club president Scot Mussi said.  “They will all be strong advocates for taxpayers and will stand up against special interest groups looking for a sweetheart deal or a special tax break at the Capitol.”

All five candidates are involved in contested races, facing incumbents or establishment backed politicians that often oppose fiscal responsibility or limited government principles.  “The Free Enterprise Club makes a point of supporting candidates that often don’t receive support from the establishment,” Mussi said.  “We are not afraid to support the candidate that we believe best represents our conservative principles.”