Today, the Protect Glendale Taxpayers Committee, with help from the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, turned in more than 20,000 signatures to place the Glendale Taxpayer Protection Act on the ballot.

“The outpouring of support from Glendale residents wanting an opportunity to stop this permanent tax hike has been tremendous,” said Committee Chairman Scot Mussi. “Now the voters will have an opportunity to decide the issue for themselves and hold City Hall to their promise that this tax hike remains temporary.”

The “temporary” sales tax increase was originally passed in 2012, and was set to expire in 2017. To earn approval from voters, city leaders and politicians promised that the tax would be temporary and would be allowed to expire. Without the promise that it would be temporary, the tax increase would likely have never passed.

The Glendale Taxpayer Protection Act ensures that the sales tax increase expires in 2017 as originally intended. Additionally, to prevent City Hall from trying to circumvent the will of the voters, the initiative puts in place a requirement for a supermajority vote to implement sales tax increases in the future.

Protect Glendale Taxpayers needed 10,454 valid signatures from registered Glendale voters to qualify for the ballot. In an effort to make sure the Glendale Taxpayer Protection Act qualifies for the ballot, the committee went the extra effort to gather twice the required signatures and also verified with the city’s own voter lists the validity of the signatures filed.

Glendale currently has one of the highest sales tax rates in the state, a crippling tax burden that is harming small businesses and hardworking taxpayers.