The Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC today announced the endorsement of Vince Leach and Anthony Kern for the House of Representatives.  Both are first time candidates for the legislature who are strong advocates for limited government and economic freedom.

Vince Leach is a candidate in LD 11, which covers most of Western Pinal County. Leach has been campaigning on a pro-growth economic agenda and ending the practice of picking winners and losers at the legislature. For conservatives, Leach is the obvious choice in the primary.

Anthony Kern is a conservative from LD 20 currently in a tough primary with 4 other candidates. A resident from Glendale, Kern has seen first-hand how fiscal mismanagement and reckless spending by the City Council hurts taxpayers and diminishes economic growth. “Anthony Kern has fought reckless spending in Glendale, and now he wants to take on the spending lobby at the legislature.” Executive Director Scot Mussi said.  “Kern, along with Leach, will be welcome additions to the House of Representatives.”