The Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC today has announced its first endorsement for the 2014 election: Doug Ducey for Governor.  Ducey is currently Arizona’s State Treasurer and is in a hotly contested primary election.

“With his strong business background and proven track record on economic issues, there is no question that Doug Ducey is the best choice as Arizona’s next governor,” Executive Director Scot Mussi said.  “Ducey is a committed free market fiscal conservative who won’t shy away from making tough decisions or taking on big challenges.”

Among his many achievements, Ducey made his mark when he led the charge to stop the permanent billion dollar tax increase in 2012. “Ducey’s effort to defeat Proposition 204 and the billion dollar tax hike showed taxpayers and businesses that he is looking out for them,” Mussi Continued.  “His leadership is what we need to craft free market, pro-growth oriented policies that make Arizona a great place to work and live.”

While other candidates for Governor will try to claim the mantle as the ‘pro-business’ candidate, Doug Ducey is the only one with the experience and knowledge to take Arizona to the next level. “Ducey understands that the secret to economic growth and prosperity is not higher taxes or government picking winners and losers, but making sure Arizona has the best business climate in the Southwest.” Mussi said.