Despite all of the special tax cuts and subsidies passed at the legislature over the years, there was one program that our elected officials wisely eliminated in 2010—the Film Production Movie Tax Credit. This particular program was a proven waste of taxpayer money and nothing but corporate welfare for Hollywood movie producers.

For the last couple of years the movie industry has tried to bring this subsidy back to life, and the Free Enterprise Club has fought the legislation every step of the way. Their lack of success has spawned a new idea—Senate Bill 1098, which would create a new state agency called the Office of Film and Media. So, in addition to private special interests advocating for tax breaks for Hollywood, we will now have a taxpayer funded lobbyist for the industry as well!

Arizona doesn’t need an Office of Film and Media pushing to provide tax breaks for filmmakers on the public’s dime. The movie industry is important, but not any more important than every other business in the state.  The legislature should reject SB 1098 and stop looking for ways to give tax dollars away to Hollywood.