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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, November 29, 2010

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U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Matching Funds Provision in Arizona’s Election Law

Arizona Free Enterprise Club’s PAC is petitioner in case

Phoenix, AZ – The U.S. Supreme Court today announced that it would hear legal challenges to the matching funds provision in Arizona’s Clean Elections law.

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club’s Freedom Club PAC is a petitioner in the case, which has been consolidated with a similar challenge from State Representative John McComish.

“The matching funds provision has forced the Club’s PAC to reconsider its support of candidates because we know our participation will result in additional government funds for those candidates’ publicly-funded opponents,” said Steve Voeller, president of the Free Enterprise Club. “This chilling of speech clearly violates the federal constitution.”

“We are thrilled the Supreme Court has decided to settle this matter once and for all.”

The Court is expected to hear arguments in AZ Free Enterprise Club’s PAC v. Ken Bennett in the spring of 2011.


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