Linda Valdez, the editorial board member of the Arizona Republic, was kind enough to respond to my question about her Quick Hit on Tuesday, click here for original post.

Ms. Valdez explained that her aim was directed at Brewer and the GOP who rail against the federal government as the source of economic woes.  The hypocrisy charge presumably then comes into play when those same politicians then gladly accept the federal stimulus dollars to make the Arizona budget picture appear better than it actually is.

Fair enough and I appreciate Linda clarifying.

I think it qualifies as hypocritical to blast Obama’s massive federal stimulus plan that includes billions of dollars to states when you overtly count on, plan on, and expect to use those dollars to “fix” (paper over) your own state’s woes.  I don’t have any indication the Brewer has criticized Obama’s economic policies they pertain to overspending, but I also haven’t looked.  And although I also haven’t checked on whether GOP members of the  legislature made similar criticisms while quietly banking on the federal bailout, I’m almost certain I could find those instances.

Valdez did concede that I made a valid point that liberal Democrats are also hypocritical when it comes to their criticism of Obama.  Sure, he may not have completely nationalized health care (or even included a public option at this point), brought all the troops home, closed Guantanamo, etc., but if not for the stimulus dollars propping up state governments, deeper budget cuts would be required–something liberals can’t stomach.

As for fiscal conservatives who supported deeper state budget cuts, who never acknowledged a balanced Arizona budget, who opposed the sales tax increase, and who still believe the state should have demurred the federal subsidies, there is no shame (or hypocrisy) in railing against Obama’s economic policies.

Again, I appreciate Linda Valdez’s response to my questions.