Rep. David Cook’s Liberal Agenda

Rep. David Cook’s Liberal Agenda

  • Protect FREE Benefits for Illegals 
  • Increase Taxes on Small Businesses
  • Infringe on 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Vote Himself a Pay Raise
  • Subsidize Woke Hollywood Liberals

Incentivizing the Illegal Invasion:

  • Voted for taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition for illegals (2021, SCR1044.). David Cook was only 1 of 4 Republicans in the House that voted for this bill.
  • Sponsored a bill supported by Democrats to protect sanctuary cities and incentivize illegals to stay in Arizona by forcing governments to accept foreign IDs.  (2021, HB2458).  A Democrat in the House introduced the same bill as HB2685

Increasing Taxes

  • Voted for a statewide sales tax increase. SCR1049, 2022 
  • Sponsored a bill to increase taxes on small businesses’ employee wages in the middle of a pandemic.  (2021, HB2805)
  • Voted with Democrats to impose a new tax on small businesses (2021, HB2161)

Infringing on the 2nd Amendment 

  • Opposed a bill that would allow students and faculty members at universities to carry a firearm to protect themselves and others on campus.   (2022, HB2447). 

View David Cook’s comments in House Republican caucus.  Cook argues that because foreign students attend our universities and are not familiar with our 2nd Amendment rights, that is a reason not to allow CCW holders carry weapons on campus. 

Pay Raises for Politicians & Bureaucrats 

  • Voted to give salary increases to Maricopa County politicians, the same people opposing the Maricopa County election audit. (2021, HB2700
  • Voted to give himself and fellow lawmakers a pay raise. (2021, HB2053)
  • Sponsored a bill to protect career politicians by allowing them to pay a fee to be on the ballot to avoid collecting signatures from voters.  (2022, HB2581)

Subsidies for the Swamp

  • Sponsored a bill to give hundreds of millions in taxpayer subsidies to Hollywood liberals to make woke movies and relocate thousands of California Democrats to Arizona.  (2022, SB1708

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