PHOENIX, ARIZONA – A coalition of grassroots advocacy organizations, led by the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, wrote a letter to the members of the Arizona Corporation Commission, urging them to reject the Integrated Resource Plans submitted by APS, TEP, and UNS.

The Plans were driven by political agendas to get to “Net Zero” by 2050, which is a radical and cost-prohibitive environmental goal to fundamentally transform and restrict the energy options available to consumers. States and countries that have unwisely committed to Net Zero have experienced rolling blackouts, continually request their customers to use less, and eventually make haste to reopen reliable sources of generation they had closed down.

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego recently sent a letter to the Commission, praising “APS’ commitment to provide customers with 100 percent clean, carbon-free energy by 2050.” She added that “customers across all sectors, including the City of Phoenix, have set similarly ambitious goals to reach net-zero emissions to complement those of the utility.” Similarly, Governor Katie Hobbs has set the state on a path to adopt the Net Zero scheme, including when she joined the U.S. Climate Alliance last summer.

“Liberal activists and politicians in Arizona are seeking to harm our energy future, freedoms, and choices by forcing their radical and failed ESG policies on consumers,” said Scot Mussi, President of the Arizona Free Enterprise Club. “I encourage our Commissioners to reject these Plans to preserve energy abundance for our children and grandchildren.”

The letter argues that the proposed resource plans are irredeemably poisoned by political precommitments and would make the grid unreliable and cost ratepayers billions.

It further states, “The Commission has a constitutional obligation to ensure just and reasonable rates and a statutory duty to ensure adequate provision of service. That means ensuring reliable, affordable, and plentiful energy in the state, which should be the mission of this Commission. But these ideological environmental commitments do the opposite, and for that reason, they should be rejected.”

Representatives for Heritage Action for America, EZAZ, and Heartland Impact joined the Arizona Free Enterprise Club as co-signers of the letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

You can view the letter here.