For local governments—and councils of governments—in Arizona, it appears that creating a climate action plan has become all the rage. Maybe that’s because it pays well.

The latest group to bow down at the altar of the Biden administration’s climate change agenda is the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG). Back in August, MAG received a $1 million grant from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Climate Pollution Reduction Grant Program to serve as the lead planning organization for the Phoenix-Mesa-Chandler metro area. The grant requires MAG to develop a priority climate action plan by next March, a comprehensive climate action plan by 2025, and a status report in 2027 after the four-year grant period expires.

But this $1 million grant isn’t the only way MAG stands to benefit.

The development of a priority climate action plan is simply a prerequisite for phase two of the EPA’s grant program, which concerns implementation grants for greenhouse gas emissions reduction policies, programs, and projects. And that could lead to MAG overseeing up to $4.6 billion in federal funding. Now, we see the true motivation.

All of this builds off what governments in Tucson, Tempe, and Phoenix have already passed in their respective cities. Earlier this year, the city of Tucson finalized its climate action plan to the tune of $326 million. And it’s ripe with Green New Deal mandates that are aimed at controlling citizens’ lives, forcing them out of their cars, and destroying the community.

Then, there’s the Tempe City Council which claims to have created a road map to address the immediate threat of “extreme heat.” As part of its plan, the city will be implementing green codes and standards that it believes will create a more walkable and cooler Tempe. Maybe someone should tell the Tempe City Council that we live in a desert and the so-called “extreme heat” they think they can control has always been a normal part of Arizona summers.

Of course, we can’t forget about Phoenix, where Rep. Ruben Gallego has also jumped on the “extreme heat” bandwagon by lobbying for more federal dollars to counter it. And Mayor Kate Gallego has urged the Biden administration to declare Arizona’s heat a federal emergency to, you guessed it, grab more federal funding. The City of Phoenix passed its climate action plan in 2021 with a goal to reduce emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Keep in mind that this is the same Phoenix that implemented “cool” pavement that is making people hotter and wants to eliminate parking spaces in an effort to become a 15-minute city. And on top of that, its current mayor is helping to lead a globalist effort to ban meat, dairy, and private cars by 2030.

This is the agenda MAG has chosen to join. Now, with this grant, it will be actively working with the rest of the cities in Maricopa County to adopt climate action plans just like these. And with that, MAG has made its true motivations clear. It is nothing more than a puppet for the Biden administration and the Left.

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