Phoenix, AZ – Today, the Arizona Free Enterprise Club announced their final slate of General Election endorsements for 2022, including judicial retention races.     

The endorsed individuals align with the organization’s principles and key policy goals. Club President Scot Mussi stated, “It is critical Arizona has leaders and policy makers who are able to articulate and stand up for individual liberties, free market principles, conservative values, and protect against government overreach at the state and at the local level. This slate of candidates can and will. Additionally, it is imperative we have strong members of the judiciary who understand their role in interpreting law, not writing it from the bench, and we urge voters to retain these individuals who have a solid record of doing just that.”


LD 5 House
Jennifer Treadwell

LD 8 Senate
Roxana Hozepfel             

LD 21 House
Deborah McEwen

School Board

EVIT – District 5                                                                                               
Cien Hyatt Luke                                                

Jennifer Drake
Dawn Densmore

Fountain Hills
Madicyn Reid 

Heather Rooks                                                                                                                 
Devon Updegraff-Day                   

Linda Conn (2-year term)
Michele Hamer (4-year term)                                                    

Judicial Retention

Arizona Supreme Court
Hon. James P. Beene
Hon. William G. Montgomery                    

Court of Appeals Division I
Hon. Cynthia J. Bailey

Maricopa County Superior Court
Hon. Bradley Astrowsky
Hon. Alison S. Bachus
Hon. Robert I. Brooks
Hon. Rusty D. Crandell
Hon. Jennifer Green
Hon. Michael J. Herrod
Hon. Joseph S. Kiefer
Hon. Susanna C. Pineda
Hon. Michael Z. Rassas
Hon. Tracey Westerhausen
Hon. Cassie Woo

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