Arizona Free Enterprise Club President Scot Mussi issued the following statement regarding today’s Supreme Court decision that correctly determined that Free and Fair lacked enough signatures to qualify for the ballot:

“The ruling today vindicates what we knew all along: the radical Free and Fair election initiative lacked enough lawful signatures to qualify for the ballot.

The other side knew it too, and that is why their lawyers tried to get the court to adopt a rigged methodology to calculate the final number of valid signatures that would sneak their disqualified measure onto the ballot.  Their dubious formula cherry picked data that boosted their numbers, even including signatures that were disqualified by the counties in the random sample. None of their formula was rooted in statute or historical precedent and was a Hail-Mary attempt to resuscitate thousands of signatures that simply should not have counted.

Thankfully, after additional review by the courts, their rigged formula was discarded, and the correct statutory calculation was used to determine that they lacked the minimum number of signatures to qualify for the ballot. Arizona voters, the rule of law, and basic math were victorious today.”

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