Over the past two months, the Arizona Free Enterprise Club has announced its candidate endorsements for the 2022 election.

These candidates represent individuals that share our values and commitment to a free and prosperous Arizona. Club President Scot Mussi stated, “It is critical that Arizona elects leaders and policymakers who are able to articulate and stand up for individual liberties, free market policies, and conservative values. We believe that these candidates are up to the challenge.”

Below is a summary of the candidates we have endorsed to date.

Arizona State Legislature

LD 1LD 2LD 3
Senate: Steve ZippermanHouse: Pierce WaychoffHouse: Joseph Chaplik
House: Judy BurgesHouse: Christian Lamar
LD 4LD 7LD 9
Senate: Nancy BartoHouse: John FillmoreSenate: Rob Scantlebury
House: Vera GebranHouse: David MarshallHouse: Kathy Pearce
House: Maria Syms House: Mary Ann Mendoza 

LD 10LD 12LD 13
Senate: David FarnsworthSenate: Suzanne SharerSenate: JD Mesnard
House: Barbara ParkerHouse: Julie Willoughby
House: Justin Heap  

LD14LD 15LD 16
Senate: Warren PetersenSenate: Jake HoffmanHouse: Rob Hudelson
House: Travis GranthamHouse: Jacqueline Parker 
House: Laurin HendrixHouse: Neal Carter 
LD 17 LD 19 LD 23
House: Cory McGarrHouse: Gail GriffinSenate: Gary Snyder
House: Rachel JonesHouse: Lupe DiazHouse: Michele Pena (Write-in)

LD 25LD 27LD 28
House: Michael CarboneSenate: Anthony KernHouse: Beverly Pingerelli
House: Tim DunnHouse: Ben TomaHouse: Susan Black

LD 29LD 30
Senate: Janae ShampHouse: Leo Biasiucci
House: Steve Montenegro
House: Austin Smith

Local City and Town Council

ChandlerPaysonFountain Hills
Darla GonzalezTom Morrissey (Mayor)Brenda Kalivianakis
Farhana Shifa Allen Skillicorn
  Hannah Toth

PeoriaGilbertQueen Creek
Jason Beck (Mayor)Jim TorgesonTravis Padilla
Mario Chicas
 Bobbi Buchli 

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