Phoenix, AZ – The Arizona Free Enterprise Club filed a lawsuit on Friday to challenge the validity of a radical initiative that seeks to:

    • Upend Arizona’s election administration and voter registration laws.
    • Sharply reduce candidate contribution limits while channeling more taxpayer subsidies to so-called “Clean Elections” candidates.
    • Curtail safeguards governing the initiative and referendum process.
    • Impose new taxes.

The complaint contends that well over half of the signatures on the election initiative were gathered illegally. And it includes evidence of the illegally collected signatures along with proof that many of the initiative’s paid circulators provided false information or failed to register with the Secretary of State.

“After analyzing over 45,000 petition sheets and 420,000 signatures, it’s clear that well over half of the signatures on this election initiative were collected in violation of state law,” said Club President Scot Mussi. “That should be more than enough to invalidate this initiative.”

The complaint requests that the court disqualify any signatures collected illegally or by individuals who were not properly registered with the Secretary of State at the time the signatures were gathered. 

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