Phoenix, AZ – Today the Arizona Free Enterprise Club announced their second slate of endorsements for the 2022 election.      

The endorsed candidates represent individuals who align with the organization’s principles and key policy goals. Club President Scot Mussi stated, “It is critical Arizona has leaders and policy makers who are able to articulate and stand up for individual liberties, free market principles, and conservative values. This slate of candidates has proven they can and will.”

Arizona State Legislature

LD 9LD 16LD 27
Senate: Rob ScantleburyHouse: Rob HudelsonSenate: Anthony Kern
 House: Ben Toma
LD 10LD 25LD 29
House: Justin HeapHouse: Michael CarboneSenate: Janae Shamp
House: Tim Dunn
LD 12LD 30
Senate: Suzanne SharerHouse: Leo Biasiucci

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