Arizona voters received a big win yesterday. The State Senate passed HB2492 less than a month after the House did the same. And now this critical bill heads to Governor Ducey’s desk to be signed into state law.

This is a big win toward restoring the integrity of Arizona’s elections. HB2492 will safeguard our state’s voter rolls and ensure only U.S. citizens are voting in our elections. You would think this sort of legislation is something everyone could get behind. But apparently, the Democrats have a vested interest in allowing non-citizens to vote in our elections.

That’s why they’ve been spreading lies about HB2492 for months.

At first, Democrats tried to argue that the bill is unconstitutional. But it isn’t. So, they changed tactics and began saying that it will require all voters, or at least millions, to reregister. This is also untrue.

But that didn’t stop the Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (ADLCC) from comparing HB2492 to a bill introduced in Oklahoma. Of course, there’s a problem with this so-called “evidence.” The Oklahoma bill would require every voter to reregister:

“Effective December 31, 2023, to be eligible to vote in any state or federal election, all eligible voters shall be required to reregister to vote.”

But the ADLCC won’t be able to point to a provision like that in HB2492. You know why? Because it doesn’t exist.

Their real problem with the bill is that it unwinds over a decade of stealth legal attacks on Arizona’s ability to ensure only lawful U.S. citizens can vote. HB accomplishes this by:

    • Taking Arizona back to the practice of rejecting state voter registration applications that do not include proof of citizenship.
    • Requiring counties to check multiple databases for evidence of citizenship when an individual submits a federal application without proof.
    • Requiring counties to reject those federal applications if they find evidence that the individual is, in fact, not a U.S. citizen.

Additionally, HB2492 makes proof of citizenship a requirement to vote early by mail in any election and to vote in Presidential elections. Clearly, the left knows how impactful this bill will be. But instead of stating the obvious, as some do (that this will make it harder for illegals to participate in our elections), they make outlandish claims with no basis in reality.

HB 2492 isn’t the only election integrity bill that the left has been spreading lies about. They used these same tactics against the Arizonans for Voter ID Act—a reaction to lawmakers successfully placing it on the ballot for the November election.

For example, they were making the absurd claim that it will lead to thousands of mail-in ballots being rejected because counties don’t have the proper information to check the ID of each voter. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of individuals currently on the Active Early Voter list already have the identification information required by the initiative in their registration file, and there is ample time for the counties to complete voter education drives—as they should. Not to mention the existing five-day cure period during which a voter can correct or supply any missing information.

Thankfully, we are very confident voters are seeing through the misinformation campaigns. In fact, despite constant lies and fearmongering about commonsense election reforms, support among voters has actually increased. Yesterday, Arizona’s Republican lawmakers proved that they are listening. Now, it’s up to Governor Ducey to follow in their footsteps by signing HB2492 into law.

Tell Governor Ducey to sign HB2492 into law!

HB2492 is necessary to safeguard our voter rolls, ensure only qualified applicants are registered and voting in our elections, and assert our constitutional power to determine voter qualifications. Stand for election integrity today.

Tell Governor Ducey to protect our voter rolls and sign HB2492 into law!