Democrats love to talk about the need of establishing a “universal” health care system that provides everyone with the same quality of care. That was the major theme pushed by the left and the media when Obamacare was signed into law in 2010.

We always knew that it was propaganda and that a government-run healthcare system would result in worse care for everyone. What we didn’t know is that the left doesn’t even support this claim. They do like the idea of providing different care to different people, so long as it promotes their radical, race-based social justice agenda.

Rationing COVID treatments based on race

To kick off the new year, health officials in Democrat-run New York made the call to prioritize non-whites as part of their criteria to decide who is eligible to receive monoclonal antibodies. And while white people can still receive the treatments, they’ll have to show that they have medical conditions that increase their risk for severe illness. Non-white patients, however, are automatically eligible.

But the Empire State wasn’t the only one to climb aboard the racism train. Minnesota’s state health department is actually using a scoring system based on certain risk factors to determine eligibility. And if you’re black, Indigenous, or a person of color, there’s good news. You automatically get two points. Sorry, white people. Even if you are 55 years and older with hypertension (which makes you a greater COVID risk), it’s just one point for you.

Of course, liberals are quick to say that all of this is being done in the name of “racial progress.” So, where exactly did states like New York and Minnesota get these ideas from? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

That’s right. The FDA authorized emergency use of monoclonal antibodies and oral antivirals for “high risk” patients. And it included race as one of those factors. (Just imagine what this could look like if the federal government had complete control over our health care.)

Not only does this violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but it also violates the Democrat-beloved Obamacare, which guarantees equal treatment for all races in health care. With the Left all about discrimination and segregation these days, it’s time for lawmakers to do something.

Arizona’s legislature needs to take clear action

The reality is that monoclonal antibodies are an effective treatment for COVID-19, and they could potentially be life-saving. No one should be denied this treatment because of their skin color. But instead of looking for ways to make them even more accessible, Democrats would rather play politics.  

That’s why, with the Arizona legislature back in session, it’s critical that our state’s lawmakers take clear action by banning the practice of rationing COVID treatments based on race. These sorts of policies should have no place in our state. And they should have no place in America. Our country was founded on the inherent and equal dignity of every single person. That’s what our elected leaders should be seeking to protect. And if they don’t do that this time, it could be a matter of life or death.

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