Arizona Community Action Plan

For far too long, local governments have been ignored by conservatives. Consequently, they have become a domain of the left, with rubber stamping politicians and entrenched bureaucrats quietly adopting liberal ideas without question or opposition.

The Bad News

Currently, efforts to “reimagine” our communities are taking place in our own backyards. Whether this means putting residents on road diets, ripping out perfectly good roads to force walking, biking, and public transit use, adopting radical climate action plans that eliminate the use of fossil fuels, adopting radical air quality control measures that restrict travel, or forcing density, eliminating parking spaces, and other land use policies to limit people to oppressive 15-min cities.

The Good News

The good news is, engaging with local government poses a tremendous and untapped opportunity to thwart this authoritarian agenda, and it’s EASY TO DO! Activists across the state are already winning battles and you can join their efforts now.

How to Get Started:

This is about communicating and collaborating, sharing information within communities and between communities, and encouraging one another to get involved.

Join the Arizona Community Action Bands Telegram channel

Provides subchannels for many cities and towns throughout Arizona.


Stay informed, by reading and sharing information

Newspaper articles, agenda items, information overheard at council meetings, etc.

Attend your first city or town council meeting

Start learning the process. If you have already been, take a friend and teach them!

Prepare a short comment

Share a comment on any of the key and current issues or anything you are passionate about to be shared during “call to the public” at a local council meeting.

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